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John James Royle

Born in manchester in 1850, John J. Royle started a foundry and engineering business in King Street West, Manchester in 1882. He became a successful industrialist, moving to Great Bridgewater Street in Manchester in 1890, before moving to a large industrial site, the "New Works" at Irlam, Nabchester. His company produced heat exchangers, water heaters, radiators and evaporators for industrial and commercial use. As well as being a successful businessman, Royle was also a typical victorian inventor. It is the self-pouring teapot, patented in 1886, for which he has become well known.

Originally designed and produced as a promotional; item for his customers, it became so popular that a production of several thousand were comissioned, from Doulton and Co. of burselm, Shropshire and Joseph Dixon and Sons of Sheffield to make ceramic and silver versions respectfully. The teapot works by a pumping mechanism and was designed for the large Victorian family who required large teapots. The lid is raised and then depressed with the finger covering the small hole in the top of the lid, generating pressure within the teapot. Pushing down the lid forced tea through a grating in the bottom of the pot and up through the spout. Read more

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